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A Full Width Post

December 10, 2010

This is an example of a full width post. All you need to do is select “Full Width” in the Layout panel when you are on the post edit screen in the wp-admin. The Layout panel will be on the right, usually below the Post Tags panel. With “Full Width” selected, all sidebars will disappear […]

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Ad Space

December 10, 2010

If you take a look at the header and the footer, you will see two optional ad spaces available throughout the whole site. These spaces will take HTML or JavaScript, so you can add your AdSense or ad server code, or even just a straight static link and image using HTML. If you wish to […]

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Arturo is one of the easiest and most advanced theme framework for WordPress ever. Anything is possible once you start to use the custom action hooks.

Full Sized Image

December 9, 2010

The above image is actually 722pixels wide, but it adjusts to fit perfectly inside your main content box. To make the full size image appear on the front page, you just need to set the post format (new in WordPress 3.1) to “Image”.

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Framework Guides

December 1, 2010

Getting started with Custom Actions might seem a little daunting, so we decided to include some handy Framework Guides to show you all of the actions that you can hook into. Just go to the Layout Options and you will see a checkbox at the bottom of the Main Layout tab. Check it off and […]

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