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Component Styles

Gridiculous Pro uses Nicolas Gallagher’s Normalize.css to start things off on the right foot. Then we take some HTML5, CSS3 and fancy jQuery to make things work and look pretty awesome. Click through to the full post to see how certain components will look.

A Video Post

You can even set your post to display at a full width so that your video will take up the whole width of your site.

Full Width Post

With Magazine Premium, you can easily set a page or post to display at full width. All you need to do is check the “Display at full width” option in the Layout panel on your edit screen in the admin. Once you have that option checked, the sidebars will disappear for that page or post.…

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Custom CSS Editor

Offering the greatest amount of control on a theme is what most people expect from a premium theme. That’s why I’ve included a Custom CSS editor in Magazine Premium. Now you can style each element on your site so that it looks exactly how you want it to. If you are new to CSS, be…

Fully Responsive Design

Magazine Premium is built to look amazing on any device. To see it in action, resize your browser window and you will see how things adjust accordingly. If you shrink it down to a handheld device width, you will see the mobile menu appear for easier navigation on any smart phone. Having a responsive website…